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Eastern Eye started in 1989 originally from the Bengali newspaper SURMA, by Sarwar Ahmed.  Surma, the Bengali newspaper was founded by Sarwar’s father in 1978, Dr Bashir Ahmed. It was a Bengali language newspaper. Sarwar and his brothers, Thufayel Ahmed – Eastern Eyes columnist and Sarz Ahmed, its publisher,wanted to start an ENGLISH language paper and used their fathers SURMA as a platform to launch it. It was an 8 page section in Surma which the brothers later took out and formed the EASTERN EYE.

The company behind Eastern Eye changed several times since it was founded by Sarwar Ahmed. It was part of the Trinity Mirror group before a management buyout and the creation of the Ethnic Media Group (EMG).

In January of the year 2009, the newspaper Eastern Eye was sold to the Asian Media & Marketing Group. The Asian Media & Marketing Group added sections that are related to community, business and comment. They also expanded the sport section.

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